Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paris Is Burning

Honestly one of the greatest documentaries I have ever watched in my life. It is SO powerful and just inspiring over all... It takes an in depth look into the 1980's world of Vogueing and the Ball scene for black and latino gays in NYC. The underground fabulous life of NYC's lost art. Now Vogueing isn't what it used to be at all. Its no where near as fabulous and extravagant, but it is very much as passionate and filled with talent. Its about expressing yourself free of persecution, hatred and a place of expression and acceptance. I mean as catty as it may get it, is an amazing event everyone should go to at least once in their life. My first time was with Andrej Pejic and Shaun Ross luckily enough. Shaun himself vogues and has been trying to get me to go to one for a long time, and thankfully I finally went. This documentary is one of THE most important documentaries in gay culture, especially NYC gay culture. Wether you are gay, straight, bi or un decided, this is a MUST watch that will open your eyes to so much culture, and just beauty and expression. The desire and lust for fame, luxury and stardom that goes on within the culture, that is both a gift and curse, is shown so vividly and uncut. A truly powerful and moving view into this dying want to be loved and appreciated by the people in the film is a real eye opener. Please, I hope every one watches this film with an open mind and really gets something from it. 
"touch the skin, touch all of it"

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