Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cool Pictures Bro

Heels and American Flags and Girls

 girls and heels and american flags <3
Thanks Amanda Munch

Newest Internet Sensation

No but seriously.... if you cant last the whole time you are a god lol

...... Really?

.... wait but... this is would keep in the house all the time..... lol but as a public thing for a sperm bank!? EW! STD danger zone ugghhh Gross lol

image dump

Two Links Of The Day

... both from our Missionary to the Frozen, Northern Wastelands.

Fire ants using the forces of water surface tension in their effort to slay us all.

Why the Royal Family is a good financial deal for England.

So Is It 1211 Or 2011?

From Portiuncula, a Franciscan blog:
When the people heard them preach, they said: "Who are these men, and why do they speak like this?" They made this comment because at that time the fear and love of God had died out in the country and no one spoke of penance which indeed was considered as folly. This attitude was caused by the temptations of the flesh, the cupidity of the world, and the pride of life; the whole of mankind seemed engulfed in these three evil forces.
Times of faith come and go and the self-indulgences of men are ever the same. If you think the world is doomed to go to Hades in a handbasket, there's a book coming out that might surprise you.

Best funny pictures-Baby and Beer


Wierd pictures-Pet comfort


Friday, April 29, 2011

Upscenely Lazy Sundays

hells yeah im gon be derrrr! And Im coppin that tee, swag! And The Heirs are gunna be there !? Hell yeah im goin.

Fonzworth Bentley - Venice Beaches

Man oh man this was a good video. Great song too exactly what I expected from Mr. Fonzworth. I'm definitely going to go download that tape. 

Cheezburger of the Day


Transformers 3!!!

Oh Man! OH MAN! Transformers 3 looks freakin epic! Hahaha like.... No filler, just straight to the robots fighting like we want. #2 was better than the first and the 3rd just looks incredible. The girl, like Ricci said, looks like she does nothing at all but looked scared and pretty lol

Cool Pictures Bro