Friday, May 27, 2011

The "Secrets" Have Landed

They're finally here...
After hauling all the way across the continent...

A fresh new printing of
the Storyboard Secrets 10-DVD Course
has arrive fresh from the printer!

To order or get more info on the 10-DVD Box Set, click:

After the first printing sold out, I was totally engulfed in finishing a big storyboard project on Disney's Fish Hooks. After recovering from the pitch I finally had a chance to send everything off to the printer…

Last week I got my hands on the first batch, tested them all out, shipped the first batch to the people that pre-ordered, and then ordered up another shipment so I can have enough on hand for the upcoming big release.

I'm probably not going to make a public announcement 'til next week,
so if you want to get in before the official launch date, you can find all the details here:

Questions? just shoot me an email at:

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