Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy Tabby Cat Sleeps Toilet Bowl

crazy funny tabby cat sleeping in toilet bowl Im not sure that the bottom of a toilet bowl is the safest place for the tabby cat to sleep. I hope its not a connected toilet. Damn funny photo!

Oddball 1950's Sci-Fi Comic Book Single-Page Fillers from Cosmo The Merry Martian

Z9 and Z7 two-headed funny alien Cosmo the Merry Martian - #1 (of 6) - Page 10 z9nz7

From Cosmo The Merry Martian comic books...profoundly unfunny (but still captivating in their weirdness-osity) single-page gag fillers featuring Z9 'n' Z7, Squarehead, and Jimmy Jupiter...
Click on any page for a full-size comic book scan
Squarehead blows square bubbles from Cosmo the Merry Martian - #1 (of 6) - Page 11 squarehead
Squarehead rides a bike with square wheels Cosmo the Merry Martian - #2 (of 6) - Page 21 squarehead
Squarehead bakes square doughnuts Cosmo the Merry Martian - #3 (of 6) - Page 26 squarehead
Click on any page for a high-resolution comic book scan
Lonesome Jimmy Jupiter builds a robot girl Egghead Inventor Cosmo the Merry Martian - #2 (of 6) - Page 10 JimmyJupiter
Jimmy Jupiter Egghead Inventor gets in an accident Cosmo the Merry Martian - #3 (of 6) - Page 21 Jimmy Jupiter

 Well, after thinking about it some more, I guess these would be pretty funny if you're  eight years old, which is the target audience for this comic. Anyway...they're so awkwardly bizarre that they're intrisically groovy.

Here's a look at Cosmo The Merry Martian himself...
Cosmo the Merry Martian funny sciience fiction comic book scans fifties
Cosmo the Merry Martian Funny Flying Saucers comic book scans from the fifties 1950's

Wanna see more Cosmo comics? Let me know!

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Really Tiny Cute Panda Bear

really cute panda bear photo insideHow cute is this little panda bear? But what is he doing inside? Shouldnt he be out in the wild or in a zoo. Maybe he isnt a well panda. Great eyes.

Creative and Unusual Refrigerator Magnets

Collection of unusual and creative magnets that will look great on any fridge.
Candy Box Magnets
GUI Magnets
Treebuttons Magnets
Tetris Magnets
Magnetic Shelves
Bacon Magnets
Space Invaders Magnets
Rock Magnets
LEGO Magnets
Wood Magnets
Rocker Switch Fridge Magnets
Throwing Star Magnets

ArtRage Digital Painting Videos Start HERE - Video #1 -Intro to ArtRage 2.5

ArtRage video 01 brushes and paint digital painting application
Click on image - BIG video will open in new window
ArtRage time!

That's right -- we finally made it through all of the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials... and now it's finally time to play with the paint!

ArtRage video 01 brush paint tube palette knife

I use ArtRage every time I paint a cover for Nickelodeon Magazine. ArtRage is a digital painting program that imitates the look of real paint, as well as other natural media like pencils and pastels etc. etc. The thing that makes ArtRage such a wonderful program is that it's ridiculously easy to use -- you can just jump right in and play!

SpongeBob paint Artrage digital art tutorial video

And it's not like I knew how to paint before I used this program. ArtRage is so easy and so funny use that I just gradually picked up the techniques and going to show you by playing around with the program. I've never even read the manual! Okay -- every once in a while I'll look something up in one of the tutorials... but 97% of all the tools and features are totally intuitive.

SpongeBob Hat Artrage digital Painting tutorial video

But it isn't just for play... I've been using this program for professional jobs for the last two years, and I don't need to look any further for a digital art program that gives me exactly the tools I need and the results I want.

Artrage digital Painting rough tutorial videoSpongeBob and Patrick Nick Magazine Digital Cover art by Sherm Cohen Bubble Gum
work-in-progress version and finished cover

(By the way, if this is your first visit, I've been posting video tutorials that show how I drew, inked and painted this recent SpongeBob and Patrick cover for Nick Magazine. The list of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop tutorial videos is HERE, and the original post with the full-sized artwork is HERE.)

Here's the weird part -- for some bizarre reason, this amazing ArtRage application only costs $25. Twenty-five bucks! The "other" famous digital painting program costs $400, and it's so freaking complicated that I always end up tearing my hair out before I can actually get any work done.

ArtRage digital painting program

There's even a free starter version available at the ArtRage website, but after you try it out, I know that you'll see that the $25 for the full version is the bargain of the century. I strongly encourage you to download this application and try it out. And ArtRage runs on both Mac and Windows!

They have a bunch of great tutorials and very helpful forums on the ArtRage website, too.

Since this is the first video in the series, it's primarily dealing with setup and tools. And a lot more trimming on this series so we could get to the good stuff really fast. ...and just as I did before with the Adobe Illustrator tutorials, I'm going to show you the exact settings that I use every time I fire up ArtRage.

ArtRage video 01 brush settings pressure thinners loading
How to import a PSD file into ArtRage
#1 When you import a layered Photoshop PSD file into ArtRage, it has to be in RGB mode, not in CMYK mode. You can change the mode in Photoshop before you bring it in to ArtRage.
#2 When you import your drawing, ArtRage will put it on the lowest layer and give it an opaque paper background......To be able to see through your linework to the color paint below, DO THIS: On your imported Drawing layer, go to "Edit Paper Settings" and near the bottom of the options dial the "paper opacity" (NOT the layer opacity) to 0%
I already have the next two videos ready and lined up for posting this week -- so after you watch this one, keep checking back for the next few chapters. This whole series is going to be fast-paced and chock-full of useful information and killer tips

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Funny Squirrel & Dog at Window

funny squirrel photo looking through window while dog watches from inside Does this squirrel really want to get inside? Im not sure with the dog there watching that its such a great idea. Maybe the squirrel is just a little bit curious about a see thru wall...And maybe thedog is lonely and just wants a little friend to play with.

Stupid Girl Playing With Her Life !

Russian teens have now found a new fun. They dare trains.

This is needed to be done fast, because if one is appearing before the train too long before and machinist could see him and start breaking, so they run on the rails just before the train so he couldn’t start breaking and fell down on the rails, then the train moves above the person at his maximum speed, just a few inches from his head and back.

Russian teen girls seem to go for this too. This is really a desperate activity taken by this damn teen with her life .... But Is it a Real Or A Fake ?? !! whatever am speechless !! check out some cool pics one after other.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009