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Frazetta Funny Animal Comic Book Scans from 1948: Dodger the Squirrel - Coo Coo Comics

Dodger the Squirrel cartoon squirrel by Frank Frazetta Here's a golden age funny-animal comic story by the master of fantasy painting, Frank Frazetta! It feature a scrappy squirrel with a heavy Brooklyn accent named Dodger (From 1890 to 1957, the Dodgers baseball team was located in Brooklyn).
Coo Coo 041 Cover (Nedor_Standard-Sept 1948) 001
This story
comes from the September 1948 issue of Standard-Nedor's Coo Coo Comics.
Frazetta often signed his funny animal comics as Frank Frazetta Fritz signature
"Fritz." You can see his signature at the top right of the first panel.
Frazetta's comic book work was always filled with great drawing and dynamic poses. Here are a few sample panels, followed by the full-page high-resolution scans for you to read and enjoy.
Dodger the cartoon squirrel strangles a beaver Comic Book violence 1940's Dodger the cartoon squirrel finds a cop's uniform in his trunk Cartoon beavers and Squirrel dressed as a cop by Frazetta Frazetta funny animal cartoons beaver and Dodger the Squirrel dressed as a cop cartoon squirrel hammers in a sign at the base of a tree cartoon pig judge finds Dodger the squirrel guilty in his coutroom
detail of Frank Frazetta's dynamic inking on funny animal comics
Dodger the cartoon squirrel runs out of the courtroom from the Pig judge holding a gavel cartoon pig and cartoon dog look up at the roof Frazetta's dodger the squirrel plants his tree in the jail
Enough are those full-page scans I promised.
CooCoo Comics comic book cover Supermouse Just click on any of the thumbnails below to open up a high-res comic book page!
1 Coo Coo 041 Frazetta (Nedor_Standard-Sept 1948) 012 funny animal comic book scans 2 Coo Coo 041 Frazetta (Nedor_Standard-Sept 1948) 013 funny animal comic book scans
3 Coo Coo 041 Frazetta (Nedor_Standard-Sept 1948) 014funny animal comic book scans 4 Coo Coo 041 Frazetta (Nedor_Standard-Sept 1948) 015funny animal comic book scans 5 Coo Coo 041 Frazetta (Nedor_Standard-Sept 1948) 016 funny animal comic book scans 6 Coo Coo 041 Frazetta (Nedor_Standard-Sept 1948) 017 funny animal comic book scans
Okay, so the story isn't that great, but the drawings are gorgeous! Frank Frazetta really knew how to draw dynamic cartoon characters.
Some of these stories were collected in the "Small Wonders" paperback in 1991. You may be able to find a used copy at

Frank Frazetta spent most of the fifties toiling in anonymity as Al Capp's assistant on the Li'l Abner comic strip, but after he got canned for asking for a raise, he got hungry again and started his career as a cover artist for a new genre of paperback books...
...the sword-and-sorcery reprints of classic pulp fantasy writers like Robert E. Howard (Conan the Barbarian) and Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, etc.
Frank Frazetta painting John Carter of Mars
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Frazetta Lives!

dodger de squoil and the sick tree starring dodger the squirrel comic book scan art drawing...and if you liked Dodger the Squirrel, (aka Dodger de Squoil) both he and his Jaloppa tree are starring in another comic story From Coo-Coo Comics #27. Written by Jack Cosgriff with drawings by Al Hubbard. You can read that one at Nedor-a Day!

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