Friday, May 20, 2011

Wuzzat? Assorted Bloops & Another 2-Faced Guy

Wuzzat you say? It's just more free-associated randomness from my pile of sketches.
Yes, I said "pile of sketches." I have never been fond of sketching in a sketchbook...the fact that it's bound in a book cuts off the spontaneity mojo right away. I prefer drawing on scraps and post-its, and then tossing 'em into a folder.
If you're wondering what those "bloops" are all about, join the club. The bloops started showing up in my drawings about a year ago -- I enjoy drawing them because they're just pure shape/form/designs. It's kinda nice to un-hook from trying to make something "look" like something.
Then there's the whole recurring "two faces on one guy" theme...ay, yi, yi. A shrink would have a field day!

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