Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Haircut

Everybody is probably afraid of getting a bad haircut. But when you are an @dult, you can talk to your hairdresser and discuss your future hair style. But if you are a child and if this is your first haircut ever, you react differently. How? More images after the break...

Deceptive Beauty

Cutie? She looks pretty cute… But beware photographs and pretty pictures in social networks such as Facebook.

Dancing skeleton — Video

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Friday, July 30, 2010

10 Craziest Tattoos

Tattoos have always been a tradition method of self-expression. But sometimes that self-expression expresses just a little too much and many times you just have to wonder what people were thinking when they decided to get these tattoos.
To Do List Tattoo

Now this is an interesting tattoo but I think that eventually it may become a tattoo that they will regret. As someone who has a wrist tattoo having something that you are going to see almost constantly every day it really has to be something important and personal. But just maybe this tattoo will keep it’s novelty and be cool to the person who has it. At least I really hope so.

9. Six Pack Tattoo

I suppose if you know that you’re never going to get in shape then this might be a good idea seeing as it will be the closest thing you will ever get to a six pack. Though I think it also gives new meaning to the phrase “beer gut.” Sometimes you got to think about the reason people get tattoos because like other tattoos this is only funny the first time you see it.

8. I See You Tattoo

This is another unique tattoo that really I cannot understand why someone would get it. Sure I mean you do it once and it is kinda funny and it will definitely catch you off guard. But after that it gets old rather quick, so I think that the goal of this tattoo is to constantly keep meeting new people. Once again I think I can respect it but I think in the long run this could be a rather silly tattoo.

7. Cow Tattoo

Now there are a number of tattoos that utilize holes in the body in order to add another dimension to their tattoo. Many of the more disturbing and unique ones, use holes that well I was not comfortable sharing pictures of. Turning the belly button into an anus has become a… shall I say “popular” bizarre tattoo as I have seen it done with a few different animals. This is possibly the best of the worst but many of them I have seen with cats.

6 Alien Tattoo

This is a truly impressive tattoo and this would really make anyone double take when you walked by. This is a bizarre but really cool tattoo and unlike some of the others on this list I really don’t think there is too much to complain about. I would really like to hear the story behind this tattoo though and I would also like to see people’s first reactions when they see him walking by.

5. Zombie Boy Tattoo

This is a tattoo that I can respect because it takes a great deal of dedication (and apparently more than 24 hours and thousands of dollars) to turn yourself into a zombie. Now I personally do have a passion for something great enough to tattoo my entire body with it, so I think it is impressive that this guy does. But then again he might be a poster child for being overly obsessive about something…either way this is one really bizarre tattoo.

6 Baby on Board Tattoo

This tattoo is really bizarre on so many levels. First I don’t think getting a tattoo while pregnant is the best idea. Second, do they realize that eventually the baby will come out and that the tattoo won’t make sense anymore. Though I truly believe that having a child and being pregnant is something that is perfectly inspiration for a child, I would hope that it would have a bit more meaning and something more personal that this one

2. Legs Tattoo

Here is a tattoo that gets props for being creative but I’m not sure this is the type of creativity that is going to make him very popular with the ladies. After all who wants to date a man that has turned his armpit into a… well a… you know. I wonder if all of his guy friends thought this was brilliant or stupid because I could see a guy going either way on this one, a girl on the other hand…not so much.

2. Breakfast Anyone? Tattoo

Now you have to really love your eggs over easy with bacon and hashbrowns in order to get this tattoo. Bald heads are great places to get unique tattoos and I have seen plenty cool and unique ones. I will grant that this one is unique, but I really think that it is unique for a reason… Honestly I can’t understand the justification for a tattoo like this and I would really like to hear it.

1. Digit Tattoo

This tattoo is perhaps the most disturbing that I have ever seen and I’m not even sure why. I mean to make your arm look like a giant finger is undoubtedly creative, and if we’re being honest people are probably going to stare anyway, so why not give them something to really look at. But still I find this tattoo as creepy as it is creative.
If you decide to get your own tattoo make sure it is something that you can truly see yourself appreciating for the rest of your life. If you don’t like tattoos remember that not all tattoos are just to look silly or strange, some of them are very important and personal to the people who get them and that is something that should be respected. In the meantime enjoy the art!

Amazing 3D Tattoos

A tattoo artist Lane Jensen, 30, came up a creative idea to give silicone breast implants to his cowgirl tattoo in order to make “her” looks shapely. Unfortunately two weeks later, his body rejected them.

“My body just rejected it. I guess my girl wasn’t meant to have 3D breasts,” he said. “I thought it would make for good promotion. Augmenting tattoos with implants is becoming very popular,” said Jensen.

Lane Jensen, who is the co-owner of Dragon FX tattoo and body piercing shop at Kingsway Garden Mall, has more than 20 tattoos on his body and the sexy cowgirl tattoo on his left leg was done three years ago.

A friend of Jensen, Brian Decker, who is also a New York-based micro-dermal surgeon, performed the implant procedure on him. But two weeks later, the sutures split and lymphatic fluid drained from Jensen’s leg.

Jensen said, “there was so much fluid in there. I went back to the studio and pushed on it gently – the implant shot right out. The surgery was done in ideal conditions and Decker did a perfect job. It just goes to show you some people’s bodies won’t tolerate foreign objects.

“The body rejects 20% of them, no matter what kind of implant it is, how safely it’s done, or how skilled the surgeon or artist is. A lot of places won’t tell you rejection rates before you buy $10,000 implants to stuff inside your body.

Letter to Joe Kubert

A few months ago, after far too long of a delay, I called up Joe Kubert to thank him for all I learned when I went to his school (from 1983-85). We had a nice chat, but I didn't want to take up his whole day recounting my life story. So I told him I'd follow up with the details, and here is the letter I sent him:

Hi Joe -- as a follow-up to our phone conversation from a while back, I want to share with you how much my education at the Joe Kubert School has meant to my life and career.

I attended the Joe Kubert School from 1983 to 1985. I got an amazing foundation of all the most important drawing and storytelling skills during those years. Up until I went to your school, my artwork had developed in fits and starts…but once I came under the full-time guidance of all the experienced teachers I learned more than I ever thought possible.
The old Kubert School circa 1984
In your Narrative Art class, I learned about telling a story visually. One of the core ideas that has never left me is that the  reader is always right. If they get confused it's my fault. The artist has to make the storytelling clear and compelling.

I learned solid basic drawing techniques from Jose Delbo -- his class taught me how to draw the real basics that are often skipped by young artists. I learned figure drawing, perspective, how to use pens and brushes, lettering, coloring and painting. I have used all those skills throughout my career; not only in animation storyboards (for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros and Disney), but as a comic book artist/writer/inker/letterer and full-color cover artist for Nickelodeon Magazine.
Most important was that you taught me about the realities of working for publication and on deadline. You stressed over and over that an assignment is useless if it's not done on time. The professional world is all about production and deadlines, and if you can't hack that, you're dead. Thank you for putting so much emphasis on the importance of good professional work habits

Best of all, I have been teaching others, continuing the lessons and traditions that I learned from you and your crew of seasoned professional teachers. In my role as Storyboard Supervisor and Director at Disney TV Animation, I help teach other artists the solid basics of visual storytelling. I wrote and illustrated a book called, "Cartooning: Character Design" for Walter Foster Books, and I am currently teaching an online class in storyboarding.

By the way, I'll never forget that our first assignment in your class was drawing a comic book story with no words, and only with silhouettes. That assignment broke my brain open to the challenges and opportunities that can be achieved by telling a story with drawings. In my online class, I just taught a lesson on posing, acting and the importance of silhouettes!

Basically -- everything I know about drawing and storytelling had its foundation at the Joe Kubert School. I am eternally grateful that you started this wonderful school, and that you have been so generous with your knowledge.

Sherm Cohen

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stange Body Modification and Body Piercings From Around the World

People get piercings for every reason, from tradition all the way to rebellion. Different kinds of piercings can be found all around the world, but one thing that we can be sure of is that piercings from some countries are unique and very bizarre.

The woman shown above is Brazilian lady Elaine Davidson, who currently holds the world record for being the most pierced woman in the world. She has 720 piercings and counting. She currently lives in Scotland

Rather than getting piercings that excel in quantity, sometimes the bizarre factor is accentuated in quality. The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand involves the extreme piercing of Ma Song or religious devotees to the festivals, who stick everything from swords to bikes in their cheeks. They do this so they can shift evil from the community onto themselves.

Luis Aguero from Havana, Cuba was previously the most pierced man in the world. He has 230 piercings, and 175 are on his face alone!

In Africa, earlobe stretching is a custom within the Maasai tribe, located in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. This kind of stretching is more common amongst the women than the men of the tribe. They often use stones, thorns, and twigs to create these piercings, and to begin the stretching.

In northwest India, the Meghwal women show their status with their nose piercings. Married women often wear gold nose rings, and the size of the nose ring shows their status in society. The bigger the nose ring is, the more important they are in their society.

In the United States, piercings are mostly used for simply aesthetic purposes rather than for tradition or custom. The girl above has vertical labret piercings, and a nose piercing. As piercings are becoming more and more acceptable in society, and the professional environment, more and more Americans are getting piercings. Although it may look bizarre to some, to the people who choose this path, it is a way of life, and what they believe. To them piercings mean more than just holes in their bodies filled with metal - they symbolise tradition, decoration, and custom.