Saturday, January 31, 2009

Class War: Burned Corvette

Some people say they can’t stand “those rich punks riding their hundred thousand dollar cars when around everything looks ruined and school teacher’s salary is $100/month”. So they act sometimes. This time in Ukraine. USA cars really can cost twice or even triple price if compaired to their price in States. That’s because of huge European car taxes + shipping costs and stuff.

I Married a Man Without a Face!

wedding ring breaks in two Jack Kirby secret world of your dreams

A charming two-page nightmare from Jack Kirby's "The Secret World of Your Dreams" #2 --

Comic Book Dream Analyst Richard Temple tackles this curious case purportedly submitted by avid comic book reader Ellen K. of Massachusetts...

Secret World of Your Dreams bride marries a faceless groom

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 Jack Kirby Secret World of your dreams man without a face chases bride

Take a good look at your heart, Ellen.
I think you'll find the answer to your dream hidden there!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

19 (Really) Enchanting Examples Of Black And White Photography

Photography is an art cherished by many. It’s a form of expression that can say a lot more than words can [a picture is worth a thousand words...]. Even more so, different techniques of photography can give an image that touch of timelessness that it deserves…

Anyway, this list is on black and white photography. Just two colours can express feelings and emotions that immediately grab you. Enjoy this list of enchanting examples of black and white photography!

1. Old Lady
Simply enchanting, isn’t it?

2. Fading in the smoke…
Lost in the smoke…

3. Stairway to Heaven
Is this the stairway to heaven?

4. Carefree….
The world can go to hell!

5. We’ll Meet Again
Till next time…

6. Help Make A Difference
A helping hand…

7. Birds
Birds landing on a statue.

8. Construction Worker
This is simply, truly enchanting. Really

9. Prayer - Japanese Style
Calm, focused.

10. Angel Oak
Approximately 1500 years old; look at the area covered by this thing!

11. Rainscreen
12. Umbrella
Lonely umbrella.

13. The Light!
This is, actually, the inside of a paper-towel tube

14. Lonely
Lonely, but hopeful.

15. Lost in Thought
Wondering, pondering, thinking

16. Memorial Void
This is a void between the 2711 blocks of the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.

17. Snow in Tehran
Beautiful shot of snow covered Tehran.

18. Manhattan - in Black and White

19. Iceberg Ahead!
Keep the ship clear of this ‘un!

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